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English Explained - A guide to Misunderstood and Confusing Elements of Grammar


English Explained explores the areas of English grammar that are most affected by misinformation and confusion and supplies the learner with the knowledge to finally grasp the workings of this multifaceted language. The fifty sections of English Explained cover the misunderstood, the misleading, and anything that appears to break the standard grammar "rules" we are all taught. The book has been written, in the first instance, for teachers and prospective teachers (TESOL/TEFL) whose first language is not English. A key aim of the book, then, is assisting both students and teachers on a practical level by equipping them with the knowledge and the awareness to answer any challenging questions a teacher or an enquiring student may pose over the course of an English class. It will also prove invaluable to students of all disciplines who seek a better grasp and understanding of English grammar; essential for achieving competency in both writing and reading.


English Exposed - Common Mistakes Made by Chinese Speakers


Having analysed the most common English errors made in over 600 academic papers written by Chinese undergraduates, postgraduates, and researchers, Steve Hart has written an essential, practical guide specifically for the native Chinese speaker on how to write good academic English. English Exposed Common Mistakes Made by Chinese Speakers is divided into three main sections. The first section examines errors made with verbs, nouns, prepositions, and other grammatical classes of words. The second section focuses on problems of word choice. In addition to helping the reader find the right word, it provides instruction for selecting the right style too. The third section covers a variety of other areas essential for the academic writer, such as using punctuation, adding appropriate references, referring to tables and figures, and selecting among various English date and time phrases. Using English Exposed will allow a writer to produce material where content and ideas —not language mistakes —speak the loudest.


Expand Your English - A Guide to Improving Your Academic Vocabulary



Writing academic prose in English is especially difficult for non-native speakers, largely because the standard vocabulary used in this genre can be quite different from colloquial English. Expand Your English A Guide to Improving Your Academic Vocabulary is a unique and invaluable guide that will enable the reader to overcome this hurdle. It will become the favourite go-to reference book for both beginners and for intermediate learners struggling with the complexities of English-language academic writing. Steve Hart covers 1,000 vocabulary items that are essential for good academic writing. The first section describes 200 key terms in detail, grouping them into logical sets of 10. Through careful repetition, the reader will find it easy to retain, retrieve, and reuse these essential phrases. The second section explains a further 800 terms, grouping them according to function, meaning, and the areas of an essay where they are likely to be used. The expansive scope of Expand Your English gives non-native speakers all the vocabulary tools they need to master this difficult style of writing.

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Embark - English for Undergraduates .jpe

Embark - English for Undergraduates



CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Inc

Writing in English for the Medical Scien

Writing in English for the Medical Sciences - A Practical Guide



This practical and portable guide has been designed specifically to help academics and students in medicine and surgery departments at universities all over the world, who are required to write in English to maximize exposure to their research, produce professional and accurate academic English and eradicate the errors that occur at all levels from bad habits or gaps in knowledge. By identifying likely mistakes and then instructing the writers on how to correct them, with exercises to encourage self testing, this easily accessible and at-a-glance resource can be kept readily to hand as an invaluable companion during the course of writing an essay, thesis or paper. 

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